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Electronic Dependency


Teen Social Media and internet dependency is a behavioral disorder in which teens become so preoccupied, obsessed and attuned to social media and internet usage that it distracts from integration and engagement with the real world, and in turn, may cause harmful effects on multiple facets of their lives. 

While the majority of teenagers engage in some form of internet usage and social media with minimal effect,  Teen Social Media and Internet Dependency is characterized by the level of involvement being so excessive and consuming that it negatively affects the typical relationships, responsibilities and development experienced during adolescence.

Electronic dependency includes items such as smart phones, gaming systems, smart TVs, IPads and any devise that can be connected to the world wide web.  Some of the apps utilized include Redditt, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vine, Snapchat and gaming.  Both teens and adults can be negatively affected my overuse of devises.

Consultation services are offered to parents who are concerned about electronic dependency of their children and teens at our standard hourly rate.  Tom Heasley has extensive training and experience in electronic dependency disorders and offers parents proven advise and techniques to assist parents in working with their children to overcome dependency and re-engage in family life.

Many of our therapists recognize how electronic dependencies affect school, home, relationships, personal development, sleep patterns, and brain chemistry, and have extensive training and experience in electronic dependency disorders.  We offers the dependent party, whether child, teen or adults counseling to overcome dependency and re-engage in a more fulfilling life.

Therapists Specialized in Electronic Dependency Counseling and Related Issues

From your smart phone, click on the photo below to learn more about therapists with specialties in Electric Dependency and related issues.

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