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Christian Counseling

Christian counseling is pastoral counseling that draws upon psychology and Christian biblically based principles.  Christian counseling focuses on a few main principles that are different from traditional counseling. It focuses on the care of the whole person as it is also sometimes named "soul-care", and maintains the values taught in the bible. The aim of Christian counseling is to help people regain a sense of hope for their life. Faith-based counseling has been increasingly sought after in recent years. When people seek counseling, people are searching for answers in the midst of pain and suffering that is experienced in life and to obtain meaning for their life. Christian counseling believes that at the core of what they do is to help others achieve a better understanding of themselves and God.  We welcome people of all faiths and beliefs who seek to explore the greater meaning of life here on earth.


Adapted from Principles in Christian Counseling,


Tom, Drew, and Mark are able to offer Christian counseling services at the client’s request. 

Therapist Specialized in Christian Counseling and Related Issues

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