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Grief, Loss and Bereavement

No one should grieve alone.


We understands that clients, their families and caregivers all experience grief differently. We know grieving is painful and at times lonely. Our mission is to provide bereavement support in a respectful, dignified manner for those working through the grief process.

Our talented counselors provide a safe, supportive, confidential environment for families to cope with the feelings and issues of dealing with the loss of a loved one and coming to terms with that loss.

We are experienced and trained to:


  • Facilitate communications between family members who deal with grief differently.

  • Help guide discussions and expressions of painful feelings such as despair, anger and guilt in order to reduce their intensity.

  • Help those who are grieving adapt to a changing life that includes new activities, relationships and support groups.

  • Listen in a way that helps enrich a family member's understanding of the relationship with their loved one.

  • Help you identify tools to get through special occasions and holidays

  • Provide pre-bereavement services to deal with difficult situations prior to the death of a loved one.

Therapists Specialized in Grief and Loss

Counseling and Related Issues

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