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Mark Gatzke, M.S.

Resident In Counseling

Independent Contractor, Resident in Counseling, Roanoke Valley Counseling Center, LLC

Email -

Telephone:  (540) 929-3799

Mark brings to the counseling setting the unique ability to empower and motivate clients to achieve their full potential in life. Through the application of beneficial therapeutic techniques, Mark encourages his clients to identify their natural strengths and abilities, while assisting with the development of therapeutic strategies to promote both positive change, and the achievement of personal goals. Mark primarily utilizes Person-Centered and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) modalities for his counseling approach, and consistently works with clients experiencing depression, anxiety, relationship issues and eating disorders.

Mark has experience working with diverse populations developed through his prior employment in residential treatment centers, scholastic settings and as a youth and child counselor. 

As a trained Mindfulness Practitioner, Mark both teaches and facilitates mindfulness-based learning with his clients, and encourages the development of mindfulness-based practices and strategies for self-empowerment and anxiety mitigation.


Areas of Expertise

Marks works with children, adults and seniors to address:


·    Learning Disabilities

·    Depression

·    Anxiety

·    Grief

·    Trauma

·    PTSD

Mark currently practices counseling under the supervision of Tom Heasley, MA, LPC, LMFT, LPC Supervisor.

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