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Rachel Hughes, MA

Master in Counselor Education

Resident In Counseling, Roanoke Valley Counseling Center, LLC

Rachel's expertise working with children, teens and young adults is becoming well recognized in the Roanoke Valley.  With her calm and caring demeanor, she is easy to talk to and brings a wealth of knowledge when helping clients find the solutions which work best for them. She  comes to the counseling practice as someone passionate about the field and willing to invest time into other’s lives. She views counseling as a partnership between the client and the counselor where she is a supportive figure to aid the client in their journey of becoming their best selves.

Currently Accepting New Clients
* Medicaid and Cash paying only. $100 per session. 

She believes in meeting clients where they are that day and working toward goals together. Rachel has worked with individuals from a variety of ages from young children to adults and is accepting of those from all walks of life. She has specific interest in helping individuals move through times of transitions in life where old patterns or life roles are becoming more challenging to maintain. Specifically, Rachel has experience working with young children in a play therapy role and with women finding balance between motherhood, marriage, and their personal identity.


Rachel uses a variety of therapeutic modalities. The foundation of her approach is in Person/Client Centered therapy, which focuses on empathy, unconditional positive regard, and genuineness to guide the therapeutic process. This approach also holds the understanding that the client is an expert in their own life and can lead the way through the therapeutic process and journey of becoming the best version of themselves. Additionally, Rachel pulls techniques from cognitive behavioral theory, dialectical behavioral theory, mindfulness practices, and expressive therapy. What is most important is a collaborative relationship between the counselor and clients to set meaningful goals, explore challenges each client is facing, and finding what method works best for each client.


It is a huge step in one’s wellness journey to reach out for counseling services. Rachel looks forward to hearing from all who are interested in learning more about this process.


Rachel Hughes is a Resident in Counseling. Rachel practices under the supervision of Thomas Heasley, LPC, LPC Supervisor.   

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