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Rachel Hughes, M.A.

Master in Counselor Education

Resident In Counseling, Roanoke Valley Counseling Center, LLC

Rachel's reputation for excellence in working with children, teens, and young adults is rapidly gaining recognition throughout the Roanoke Valley. Her gentle and compassionate nature makes her approachable and fosters open communication with her clients. With a deep well of knowledge and experience, Rachel adeptly guides her clients towards solutions that resonate with them personally. Her commitment to the field of counseling is palpable, as she willingly invests time and energy into the lives of others. Rachel sees counseling as a collaborative journey, viewing herself as a supportive partner in her clients' quest to become their truest and most fulfilled selves.

Currently Accepting New Clients
* Medicaid and Cash paying only. $120/$100 per session. 

Rachel's approach to counseling is grounded in meeting clients where they are at each session, working collaboratively towards shared goals. With her diverse experience spanning across various age groups and backgrounds, Rachel warmly welcomes individuals from all walks of life into her practice. She specializes in assisting clients navigating transitions in life, where familiar patterns or roles may no longer serve them well. Rachel's expertise shines particularly in play therapy for children and supporting women in balancing the complexities of motherhood, marriage, and personal identity. Central to her therapeutic style is Person/Client Centered therapy, emphasizing empathy, unconditional positive regard, and genuineness. She firmly believes in the client's autonomy and self-directedness in their journey towards self-improvement. Drawing from a range of therapeutic modalities including cognitive behavioral theory, dialectical behavioral theory, mindfulness practices, and expressive therapy, Rachel tailors her approach to suit each client's unique needs. Ultimately, Rachel fosters a collaborative relationship where meaningful goals are set, challenges are explored, and the most effective methods are identified to facilitate growth and healing. She eagerly awaits the opportunity to assist individuals in their wellness journey and welcomes all who seek to learn more about the counseling process.


Rachel Hughes is a Resident in Counseling. Rachel practices under the supervision of Thomas Heasley, LPC, LPC Supervisor.   

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