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Thomas L. Heasley, MA, LPC, LMFT

Licensed Professional Counselor

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy 

Director, Roanoke Valley Counseling Center, LLC

With more than 20 years of counseling experience, Tom is highly regarded in the Roanoke Valley for his counseling insight and consultation services. 

Tom's  particular areas of expertise include:

  • Anger management, strategies for self calming, self control, empowerment and communication. 

  • Depression, anxiety, stress and life-cycle counseling which encompass social and professional avoidance, enhancement of personal coping skills, and personal empowerment (particularly for career focused men and women);

  • Parental Consultation - This service is coupled with counseling for adolescents who are experiencing high anxiety, depression, stress of other mental health issues. Consultations services provide education and insight through which parents of adolescents are better equipped to work though issues which might arise at home; 

  • Grief and bereavement counseling;

  • Electronic dependency counseling and consultancy -  Electronic dependency is becoming more widely identified as a possible root cause to depression, anxiety and stress in both adults and teens;

  • Concerns and insight with how biblical principles fit with daily life in our society.  Tom serves clergy, church leaders and members from a wide range of faith backgrounds. 

In anger management, strategies for self-calming and self-control play a pivotal role in helping individuals navigate and regulate their emotions effectively. Tom employs various techniques tailored to each individual's needs and preferences to foster a sense of calm and control in challenging situations. These strategies may include deep breathing exercises, mindfulness meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and visualization techniques. Additionally, Tom emphasizes the importance of identifying triggers and early warning signs of anger, enabling individuals to intervene before emotions escalate. Through cognitive restructuring, individuals learn to challenge and reframe irrational thoughts and beliefs that contribute to anger outbursts. Furthermore, Tom may incorporate assertiveness training, communication skills development, and problem-solving techniques to empower individuals to express their needs and resolve conflicts constructively. By equipping clients with practical tools and strategies, Tom guides them on a journey toward mastering their emotions, fostering inner peace, and cultivating healthier relationships.


As a professional psychotherapist Tom has worked in diverse settings which include Clinical Director for Family Services of Roanoke Valley in Franklin County, onsite, Behavioral Health Specialist for New Horizons Medical Facility, Director of Counseling Services at Ferrum University, Adjunct Professor at Point Loma Nazarene University and on-site therapist at San Diego Hospice and Palliative Care.  Tom currently serves as the Clinical Director at Roanoke Valley Counseling Center, and supervises Counseling residents. 

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